Phase I


Phase II


Phase III


Phase IV


Phase V


Discuss with the Client their requirements/brief including time scale and budget, familiarisation of general aspects of the Project. Visit the site and carry out an initial appraisal. Based on discussion, visit(s) and such information made known by the Client, prepare a schematic layout for the Client's approval.

Develop the schematic layout to final scale layout, develop in consultation with the Client, the design concept including color scheme, material and furniture selections and present for the Client's approval.

Prepare construction drawings including drawings for custom made furniture and accessories, specification of material and workmanship. Materials and Finishes for floors, walls, ceilings and other elements will be specified together with purchase items furniture and accessories with sufficient detail to enable tender or quotation to be obtained. Assist the Client in their choice and appointment of the Architect or other consultants for the Project (where necessary), collaborate with and assist the Architect and Consultants in the submission of plans with the relevant authorities. Co-ordinate the interior work with the work produced by the Architect and other Consultants.

Call for tenders or assist other Consultants (if any) to call for tender for the Works. Obtain quotations for the direct supplied items. Assist the Client in evaluating such tender and quotations and choosing Contractor and nominating suppliers.

Carry out visits to the site at intervals appropriate to the stage of the Works to inspect the progress and quality of the Works carried out by the Contractor. Where frequent or constant inspection is required, a Clerk of Works may be employed by either the Client or the Designer and will in either event be under the Designer's direction and control. Issue periodical Certificate of Payment according to the terms of the Contract between the Client and the Contractor to enable the Client to make payments to the Contractor. With other Consultants (if any) evaluate claims by the Contractor for additional work or variations. Upon practical completion for the Works under the Contract between Client and the Contractor, Phase V of the Agreement shall be deemed to be completed.